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Types of skips

People’s needs are going to differ depending on the scenario they’re looking to cater for. Individuals working in the commercial sector are going to need a much larger skip than someone looking to work on their garden in the Summer. Take a look at our guide that will help you decide on what skip you need. 

Some of the best prices on skip hire, all from a reliable company, offering skip hire in Cardiff & all over South Wales.

2 Yard Skips

A 2-yard skip is a perfect choice if you are carrying out some small-scale work in and around your home as it’s the perfect size for domestic-type jobs. A homeowners favourite, the 2-yard skip is perfect for those tasks that doesn’t need a huge skip that can take up unnessecary room. 

4 Yard Skips

Our most popular skip, the 4-yard skip offers the best balance of size and usability as it can still be stored on your drive without taking up too much room. Popular for small scale renovation, our 4-yard skips are most popular for those looking to redo their homes and need a skip to throw away the waste. 

8 Yard Skips

Often referred to as the builders skip, the 8-yard skip is a very popular choice for trade customers that need something to store and get rid of their construction waste with. The 8 yard skip, whilst over-kill for smaller tasks is perfect for large-scale renovations that require regular emptying. Give us a call if you’re looking for an 8 yard skip and we can help schedule the best collection dates for you. 

12 Yard Skips

Known as the Maxi skip, the 12 yard skip is the perfect option for large items that need disposing off, as well as general waste on a large scale. A popular choice for commercial customers to store business waste (cardboard, excess packaging etc), the maxi skip is perfect for those in the commercial industry. If you don’t have dedicated space for a large skip, we can arrange an on-road permit as the size of this skip is usually too big to host on private property. 

Roll On/Roll Off Skips

Our Roll On/Roll Off skips are perfect for those looking to carry out substantial construction jobs, extensive home restorations/extensions, and construction site clearances. The titan skip offers you flexibility and also long-term advantages as you will have a hard time filling this skip quickly. South Wales Skips provides a permit for a skip of this scale if it needs to be placed on a public highway.

Unique Skips

Included in this are easy load skips and enclosed skips. They are intended to match unique specifications such as level of privacy, protection and simple filling for major items. They are available in all sizes regardless of their special style and design.

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